Pieces for Sale


From time to time, we have one-of-a-kind finished pieces for sale made from reclaimed wood, live edge slabs, fabricated metal or any combination.

We also sell unique “as is” reclaimed wood and live edge slabs that are ready to be transformed into your vision. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, give us a call or send us an email. Our wood inventory is large and chances are we can help you find the materials you’re looking for.

Contact us for additional details, purchasing information or to kick off a custom project.

Dining Table

  • Cedar burl and steel dining table
  • 44”x103”x 30” high
  • Price: Please contact us

The ‘Mad Dog Adams’ Log Scribe

  • Developed by Big Timberworks
  • Log scribe tool for joining round-to-round and round-to-square material
  • $400

Coffee Table

  • Cedar burl and steel coffee table
  • 42”x36” 18” high
  • $1,800

Sequoia Stump

  • Huge Sequoia Stump
  • 42” round 22” high with castors (available as is)
  • $1,300

Pub Table

  • Cedar burl and steel pub table
  • 40” round x 42” high
  • Price: Please contact us

Cedar Slabs

  • Salvaged cedar slabs from 19th century logging debris
  • 5’ wide x 18′ long (available as finished tables)
  • Price: Please contact us

Slab & Frame Base

  • Book matched cedar burl slab and tube steel ring frame base table
  • 12’ round x 30” high (Available as finished table)
  • Price: Please contact us

Coffee Table

  • Walnut root coffee table
  • sized 36”x48”x16” tall (available as is)
  • $1,750

Exterior Lamp

  •  Plow disk and gravel screen exterior lamp
  • 16” wide x 16” high
  • Price: Please contact us


  • Douglas fir and steel table / desk
  • 35” x 81”x 30” high
  • $6,800

Douglas Fir Slab

  • Douglas fir live edge slab
  • 2.5”x 36”x 8’5”
  • flat, dry, sanded to 40g
  • $750

Walnut Slab

  • Walnut live edge slab
  • 2 1/4”x28”x16’
  • flat, dry, sanded to 40g
  • $2,500