Reclaimed Wood

What is Reclaimed Wood and why is it a Better Building Material?

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed lumber is refined wood salvaged from its original purpose for applications of new or similar use. These high-quality timbers come from a verity of places, people, and sources. Typically, we find reclaimed wood from old timber structures that are being torn down or renovated. These structures leave behind a vast amount of air-dried wood perfect for timber framing, flooring, siding, trusses, and furniture. Reclaimed is everywhere and anywhere. This beautiful building material brings a unique aesthetic to any business or home and provides a sense of history being maintained.

Why Choose Reclaimed Timbers?

Why would someone choose old, used, and worn timbers when new, “green,” and uniform timbers are available? Here are just some reasons why we believe reclaimed timbers are superior:


You can help Recycle and Reuse a Still Valuable Raw Material 

Decreasing the demand for newly-harvested “green” timbers helps preserve natural habitat and reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. Results from a life-cycle energy consumption study showed that “cumulative energy consumed in producing virgin compared to reclaimed framing lumber and wood flooring was about 11 and 13 times greater.” If you love your environment, using Reclaimed Wood is a great way to show it!


Unmatched Natural Style, Character, and Aesthetic

Reclaimed Wood is timeless and has unparalleled natural beauty. Each reclaimed timber is distinct, full of character, and age only increases the depth of color and allure. The weathered charm shown in old wood comes from a natural environment where a tree had to fight for nutrients and sun to survive, making the wood strong and full of character. Each piece of reclaimed lumber has its own unique story and history, creating a centerpiece within your home or business. Overall, the value-added from reclaimed wood is unmatched and unsurpassable.


A Better Building Material

Reclaimed “old-growth” timbers are more dimensionally stable and durable than new “green” timbers. Structures built in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s used trees that naturally reached their full size and maturity. They saw a verity of weather patterns, fought for vital resources like sunshine and nutrients, and typically grew in a denser growth pattern creating a more robust product. Today, these long-stabilized, strong, and dry timbers are the perfect building material for a residential or commercial project. They are more resistant to change in shape and with a little work, ready for a new life.


Reclaimed wood ideas

Reclaimed lumber is the perfect building material for anything from DIY projects to full renovations. The storied wood comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your exact needs. We’ve seen reclaimed paneling used for custom headboards, wall-art, shelving, centerpieces, outdoor furniture, and picture frames. The possibilities are truly endless, and our team of professional craftsmen are happy to provide advice and materials to complete your project.

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