Custom Box Beams

Designed and Created using Real Reclaimed Timber

Why Real Box Beams?

Custom Box Beams are the perfect choice for adding a rustic and natural feel to an existing space or new project. Exposed box beams made of quality reclaimed heavy timbers are great for wrapping structural elements, decorative ceiling beams, and as an alternative to heavier solid timbers. It’s easy to tell a faux beam from the real thing, and at Big Timberworks, we believe nothing can compete with Real Reclaimed Douglas Fir.

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Box Beam Styles

Original Patina

• Original Patina is our most popular and stylistic option for material.

• Natural brown and gray patina can only be obtained through Time and Exposure to the elements. 

•Adds warmth and charter to any space.


• Resawing reveals raw wood perfect for staining.

• Beautiful virgin wood coloration and clean grain. 

• Still maintains the structural, visual, and social benefits of using reclaimed material. 

Gray Board

• Very popular option for a weathered appearance in a gray/silver-tone.

• Rustic and Natural aesthetic only obtained through Time and Weathering. 

•More difficult to achieve larger sizes without glulam and splicing. 


Box Beam Sizing

We can custom design and manufacture almost any Box Beam Size imaginable. From extreme lengths too accounting for roof pitch, we can get it done.


  • Customized to your Dimensional Requirments
  • Does not need to be square
  • Can account for roof pitch


  • Up to 26′ solid timbers
  • Longer Lengths can be Spliced/glulam together.

All Custom made to almost any dimension (may require glue joint to reach the desired dimension)


Box Beam Examples

Box Beams give you the freedom to achieve the look and feel that you want from your home or cabin at a fraction of the cost. More so, box beams made from reclaimed timber can be finished in a wide variety of colors and stains, degrees of roughness, and other variables that give you a one of a kind look. Check out how these homeowners added depth, character, and personality to their living space without having to commit large amounts of money and time to accomplish fantastic results.

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