Custom Metal Fireplace Doors

Custom Decorative Fireplace Screens and Doors For Sale

Our custom fireplace screens and doors entwine beauty and elegance. Adding an element of individuality to your decor, you can be assured that your fireplace screen or doors will give you a lifetime of character and service. For modern designed or character homes, indoor or outdoor applications, our pieces will suit your needs because you work with the craftsman to get the custom fireplace doors and screens that you want.

A Unique Blend of Material And Creativity

Blending materials and techniques with the desire to create sustainably, Big Timberworks designs and crafts unique pieces that truly become functional art. Inspired design and a strong grasp of traditional techniques give Big Timberworks the edge when it comes to truly breathtaking craftsmanship. Whether they blend in or stand out, your decorative fireplace screen or ACCdoors are engineered to meet safety regulations and protect your home and family.

Help Design A Fireplace Screen Or Door

Our expert craftsman work in a creative environment with sustainably acquired raw materials. Custom metal fireplace doors and screens take the shape of the design that has been created in conjunction with the customer that commissions the piece. Choosing from materials and finishes that complement the fireplace that will house the finished product, you will get the perfect result for your environment. You can also choose from one-of-a-kind pre-made pieces that are offered for sale on occasion.

Add Beauty and Value With Big Timberworks

For custom decorative fireplace screens and doors that will add beauty and value to your property, call us today for a unique and lasting work of art that truly reflects the passion with which it was crafted. If you have an idea to start with or a design that needs the right craftsman, Big Timberworks will take care of it all, from concept to completion.

Our expert craftsmen work in a creative environment with sustainably acquired raw materials. Custom fireplace screens and doors take on the shape and design created with the input of the customer that commissions the piece.¬†Below you’ll find some examples of our decorative fireplace doors.

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