Custom Metal Furnishings

Custom metal furnishings can come in many shapes and sizes.  Some of these amazing of custom metalwork don’t contain metal alone. They can be combined with many other new and reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed timber.  Getting your custom metal furniture from Big Timberworks of Bozeman, MT can add a lot of style to your home, as well as functionality.  Want to make one, or every, of your spaces at home or in your place a business a unique area? Does your home, or maybe just one specific room or area, need something else? Maybe something special to make it your own?  Our custom metalwork doesn’t definitely does not end with hinges or railings, it can also take the form of tables (and bases), lamps, a custom range hood or even a rolling library ladder. Who doesn’t need a rolling library ladder, right? Collaborate with us to make your custom made furnishings something unique, something that only you will have.

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