Custom Metal Railings

Custom Metal Railings For Your Home or Business

Function and beauty coexist with custom made metal handrails from Big Timberworks. Imagine walking into a space and seeing not only a building requirement but a piece of art that will give you pleasure to look at for many years. Available in a range of colors, these pieces can be made on-site, so you know that they will be a perfect fit for your space and style.

Beautiful Metal Railings

Custom metal railings are created to provide separation and safety for porches, staircases, and walkways. Using a range of traditional and modern techniques, Big Timberworks will create a focal point for your home or building. Designed to blend in or stand out, the one constant with all our beautiful custom metal handrails is the high-quality craftsmanship. Define a space with clean lines or add texture to diffuse light; the choice is yours.

Unique Metal Railings for sale

At Big Timberworks, we have a range of craftsmen available to allow you to create Custom Metal Railings combined with other materials that will add style to your home. Using stone and timber with metal produces a unique metal railing and allows you to match other features of your space. Built to comply with building codes, you can be sure that your railings will deliver years of safety for your family as well as adding a personalized touch to your environment.

Create With Us At Big Timberworks

Our designers will work with you to help you get the most visually appealing result for your project. Whether you are at the planning stage or just doing the finishing touches, contact us, and get a professional opinion on materials and styles that will suit your space. At Big Timberworks, our craftsmen love what they do, and you will love your custom made metal handrails.

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