Custom Metal Stairways and Staircases

Custom Metal Staircases For Your Home or Business

A staircase is not just a way to travel from one level to another. At Big Timberworks, custom metal stairs are a way to add beauty and intrigue to a functional part of many buildings. While working with our craftsmen, your vision can become a reality, and you can take pride in the environment where it is seen and used. Now that sounds like the perfect piece of art.

Bold Metal Staircases for sale

Choosing custom made staircases gives your home or office a unique look and allows you to display your style in your environment. Create a staircase that is a talking point with a clever twist that won’t be expected. While working closely with our craftsmen, your bold metal staircase can utilize timber and stone features to result in a truly unique piece. At Big Timberworks, we can use reclaimed materials as part of your project to help create a sustainable future.

Metal Staircase Craftsman

The choice of materials in design can allow you to change the mood and character of a space quickly. Carefully constructed metalwork gives you the ability to make functional art in your space. Bold or intricate, at Big Timberworks, we use traditional methods and modern techniques to create railings and treads that will add structural integrity as well as make the most of your available space. Our craftsmen ensure your staircase meets all building codes and can be created on-site in our self-contained welding vehicle.


Bring your plans to Big Timberworks and let us help you create Custom Metal Staircases that will give you joy for generations. Made by people who love what they do, your staircase will be a true reflection of your personality and allow you to feel a connection with the space whenever you see it.

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