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Because we are not a third party vendor we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting the perfect piece of timber for your project. We have wood pieces for sale all the time but oftentimes we will do a custom cut to meet your needs and that is only possible because we own our own Montana sawmill.  From design ideas to production we are equipped with the tools, machinery, and knowledge to produce both reclaimed wood, and new timber wood for sale.

Tools We Have Available

There are many different tools at our disposal and here are a few of them:

  • Six-Headed Molder: Produces any pattern of flooring, siding and ceiling or wall panels, including tongue and groove, as well as shiplap, up to 12 inches in width.
  • Multiple Woodmizer Bandsaws: Saws that cut large-dimension timbers and logs. Of the three in our shop, one is capable of cutting timbers up to 55 feet.
  • Slab Mill: Also used for sawing large timbers and logs, this bandsaw has a 6 foot capacity.
  • Multiple Stationary Planers: Add a smooth surface to anything ranging in size from 8 inches x 24 inches.
  • Stationary Wirebrusher: Creates a softer look and feel to wood during the finishing process, which also includes removing dirt.
  • Straight Line Rip: Converts a crooked or warped board into a straight, usable material by trimming it down and unifying the dimensions.
  • Baker Resaw: Splits 2 inch and 3 inch boards in half so they can be repurposed into thinner boards for siding and paneling.
  • 4000 BF Kiln: Used for drying trim, flooring, and other millwork products–in some cases, even reclaimed wood isn’t dry enough for interior use and needs to be dried to keep seams tight, and to keep wood from shifting. Capable of 4,000 Board Feet (BF) at a time.

Experienced Craftsmen

While all of the tools available to us are valuable, the true value of our service comes from the experience that is found at Big Timberworks. Our craftsmen have worked on many different projects and are always learning both traditional and modern techniques to provide high quality results. We care a great deal about the work we do and are proud of the projects we have completed. Every new project we start is an exciting opportunity to create something lasting and beautiful so call us soon so we can get started.

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