Timber Frame Truss Design

Simply put, a truss is a collection of timbers used to form a principal support within a frame and prevent distortion. At Big Timberworks, we pride ourselves on over 30 years of heavy timber construction and superior mortise and tenon joinery. Explore different Timber Frame Truss Styles.

Scissor Truss

A Scissor Timber Frame Truss beautifully combines a dramatic open-air aesthetic with a uniquely designed element to draw the eye upward. A fantastic option for vaulted ceilings, this truss does not feature a horizontal bottom cord and can span across large distances.  Our scissor trusses are custom designed for each project to meet the needs of our clients and handle the loads utilized in the build. This design can be applied in an exposed timber truss and can often be the most cost-effective truss design because of the reduced number of reclaimed timbers required.

King Post Truss

The King Post Truss design is stout and refined. Regarded for its verity of style options and ability to span greatest distances, this truss is straight forward and timeless. Getting its name from the vertical timber or “King Post” connecting the peak of the triangle with the cross beam, the design creates a natural focal point. At Big Timberworks, we primary use reclaimed timbers for their superior structural capabilities and stylistic options. The King Post Truss is a dynamic and efficient timber frame truss style that can add both structural and aesthetic value to any space.

Queen Post Truss

The Queen Post Truss is very similar to the King Post Truss but features two vertical posts creating an open-air aesthetic where the King Post features a singular post. Very often this design is coupled with another popular truss style, creating a dynamic construction. The Queen Post configuration is often preferred by homeowners due to its stylistic characteristics, ability to cover larger distances, and requires less wood. If you plan on building in a snowy climate, this truss design is a great choice for load barring and can handle a lot of weight relative to the amount of timbers used. The Queen Post Truss is perfect for an expansive feel while still showcasing beautiful reclaimed timbers.

Arched Cord Truss

Another truss style that takes inspiration from The King Post Truss is The Arched Cord Truss. This design takes advantage of an open air aesthetic while incorporating the strong presence of a King Post Truss. An Arched Cord Truss has a vast amount of design opportunities to highlight a specific space or feature within a home. These trusses are extremely popular on the exterior of homes as well. The Arched Cord Truss is a dynamic, functional, and strong design that can highlight both the natural space it encompasses and the timbers themselves.

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Parallel Chord Truss

A Parallel Chord Truss is different from most other timber trusses in that it features two identical top and bottom chords. This relatively simple design is robust, economical, and identified by its rectangular shape and numerous smaller joining members. While being a great solution to covering large spans without a central post, these types of trusses truly enhance the space they encompass. Parallel Chord Trusses, also referred to as Girder Trusses, beautifully display the timbers they are comprised of and offer design elements within the interconnected members. Compared to other truss styles, there is nothing as capable and engaging as a Parallel Chord Truss made using heavy reclaimed timbers and traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Hammer Beam Truss

The Hammer Beam Truss is a magnificent, open, and dynamic design. Constructed to span great distances while keeping the space open and visually focused. These trusses typically encompass a large space like a great room, cathedral, or entryway; perfect for serving as the focal point in a room without interrupting the view created by windows. The design of The Hammer Truss can vary but several structural members are always present–horizontal hammer beams supported by vertical hammer posts and short hammer braces. This truss design can feature many custom attributes like metal tie-rods, arched chords, wall posts, and king or queen posts. The Hammer Beam Truss truly is the ultimate pairing of craftsmanship and style.

Custom Truss Designs

At Big Timberworks we pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and customer service. We love building challenging designs and tackling problems others have passed on. If you have a unique timber frame truss design in mind but you’re not sure how to complete it, give us a call! With over 30 years of timber truss experience, we would love to help complete your custom project.

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