Timber Frame Construction

Big Timberworks is a specialized subcontractor, shipping and erecting reclaimed timber Frame projects across the United States.

Big Timberworks is a specialized subcontractor, shipping and erecting one-of-a-kind reclaimed timber projects across the United States. From custom reclaimed timber frames to box beams to entryways, we fabricate every detail in our shop. Each joint–whether it be wood or steel connected–is cut and carefully pre-fit to meet your building specifications.

Reclaimed timber frame construction is a significant component of any structure. We encourage collaboration from the beginning between timber frame companies, homeowners, architects, and builders. At Big Timberworks, we provide consulting services to architects and builders in the early phases of design and work directly with our timber-specific engineers to ensure the outcome meets your aesthetic and structural needs. Collaboration continues as we work side by side with your builder to assist in proper installation of custom timber frames and reclaimed timber trusses.


Reclaimed Timber Frame

Reclaimed timber frames can be used as both internal or exposed structures. We source our reclaimed timber from many different areas and have many options to choose from. We will work with you to find the perfect material for your project, and you can rest assured knowing you are doing your part to keep our planet a little greener. Each piece is carefully chosen for its natural beauty and strength. Our expert craftsmen will finish the product from start to finish. Starting at the sawmill to the final design. We breathe new life into the timber frame trusses so that it can serve as a beautiful and functional addition to your new or renovated build. Contact us about our timber frames for sale today!


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