Reclaimed Wood Box Beams


If you are thinking about building a home or cabin and looking for an easy way to get a touch of natural charm, box beams are a great option for you. That is because box beams offer you the look and feel of natural heavy timbers but are built in a way that gives you more freedom to custom cut and fit a box beam into tight spaces or match with your existing design. Better yet, when you work with a team of experienced box beam professionals like those that you will find at Big Timberworks, you get the benefit of over forty years in the industry to turn your dreams of natural beauty into a reality.

Reduce Your Footprint With Reclaimed Lumber

When it comes to deciding whether to use box beams or heavy timbers in your home, the ability to get the look that you are going for without a big footprint on nature is a great thing to consider. That is because box beams use considerably less material than their solid counterparts but still give you the same heavy timber look that you love. Better yet, when you choose reclaimed box beam lumber for your project, you are making use of a resource that has already been milled and used in some fashion before being modified for use in your home, cabin, or place of business.

The Perfect Way to Hide Construction Necessities

Let’s face it, no one wants to look at construction necessities such as electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or other common things that will detract from the overall look of your new home, cabin, or business if left uncovered. If this sounds like a problem that you are potentially facing and you are looking for a great way to add personality to your project and hide these construction necessities, box beam construction offers up an attractive and effective way to do just that. Whether you are looking to add onto your existing building or creating something new, our real wood box beams for sale can be perfectly suited to all of your construction needs.

Big Looks, Small Material Needs

There are a lot of instances in which solid beams would be a great option to add looks and value to your home, but often, the increased cost of heavy timbers and the difficulty of installation makes them impractical. An excellent alternative to heavy new timbers is the construction of box beams that give you the overall look and feel of heavy timber beams, but a decreased cost due to the hollow nature of the box beam. This is due to installation requiring much less labor, and less wood material is used in the construction. The overall result is the same great look of traditional beams but with much smaller material needs to accomplish it. With over forty years in the industry, Big Timberworks can give you seamless good looks, outstanding durability, and a quality finish that is sure to look great for years to come.

Freedom To Get The Look You Want

Box beams allow you the freedom to get the look that you want out of your home or cabin beams that can’t be beat. More so, box beams made from reclaimed timber can be finished in a wide variety of colors and stains, degrees of roughness, and other variables that give you a one of a kind look that you won’t find any other way. This is a great way to add depth, character, and personality to your living space without having to commit large amounts of money and time to accomplish fantastic results.

Put Our Design Services to Work For You

If the idea of using box beams in your construction project sounds appealing, but you aren’t quite sure where to start, the team at Big Timberworks in Montana is here to help. We offer excellence in design gained with over forty years in the industry, helping people just like you get the results that they are looking for out of box beams in their home. Whether you are looking to hide construction material, add personality, or just looking for something more unique, box beams can be the right choice for you. Give us a call, stop by our Gallatin Gateway location, or contact us online to learn more about the products and services that we can offer you today.

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