Heavy Timber Trusses

Heavy Timber Frame Roof Trusses

Heavy timber trusses offer a structural element to your design, that also offer a unique decorative element that can’t be matched by almost any other material. At Big Timberworks, we offer reclaimed timber trusses for sale, as well as fresh-cut heavy timbers, depending on the needs and styles for the project. Our reclaimed heavy timbers can be recut, resurfaced, and designed to match the overall architecture and design.

Why We Make Timber Trusses From Reclaimed Wood

As a timber truss manufacturer, we can build any truss shape in our Gallatin Gateway facility. We will consult and combine our efforts on any project and offer either structural trusses or decorative trusses, depending on what is needed. As every heavy timber truss, regardless of being structural or not, is designed to be believable as a structural component. The difference between either design may be minor, and making our designs structural can potentially save on a given project.

Decorative Timber Trusses

The impact of a vaulted ceiling and heavy timber trusses on the overall look and feel of a room is tremendous. Reclaimed wood trusses provide an immediate lift in space and draw your eye to the artistic components of any design. While all of our projects are created with aesthetics in mind, we do offer specialized decorative wood trusses to enhance the look of any room. This style of truss is generally exposed to show the beauty of the design and add a unique look to any space.

Scissor Trusses

Timber scissor trusses utilize a crossing pattern in the center of the room with the two beams at the bottom of the truss. This provides additional headroom in the center of the room, as well as a uniquely designed element that will draw the eye upward. Our scissor trusses are designed to custom for each project to handle the loads and spaces that will be utilized in the build. This design can be utilized in exposed timber wood trusses and can often be the most cost-effective truss design because of the reduced number of pieces required per truss.

Parallel Chord Trusses

For anyone looking for larger clear spans in a room, a parallel chord truss can act as the ridge beam and provide a stunning outcome. Parallel chord trusses utilize two chords running parallel to each other with interlinking webbing between. The benefit of these room trusses is that they provide sufficient load resolution because of their design and can span long distances. Some designs will utilize exposed timber rafters to complete the roof structure for that space. Find examples of our decorative trusses for sale below.

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