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Ninety percent of all timber frame projects are built with Montana reclaimed lumber that we source and store on our property. This means materials are on-hand when you need them, resulting in a faster delivery of the final product. Our large reclaimed wood inventory of Douglas Fir and other wood includes every size and length imaginable.

Big Timberworks reclaims wood from at least 20 different sources yearly, most dating back from 1910 – 1950 when wartime steel shortages drove an increase in wooden structures. In our yard, you’ll find reclaimed timbers from industrial buildings, reclaimed logs, old telephone poles, float logs, timbers sawn from standing dead trees (buckskins), snags, character logs, and hand-hewn barn timbers.

In addition to timber framing, this inventory is also used to transform reclaimed wood from Bozeman, Montana into custom flooring, paneling and siding in our milled reclaimed lumber shop.

Regardless of the use, we strive to use the driest timber possible for every project, whether it’s reclaimed or not (occasionally we do use new wood that has been kiln dried). The dryer the wood, the higher the likelihood is of it maintaining its shape after construction. This means less shifting and shrinking over time for you.

Reclaimed Wood For Sale:

While we design and build with our repurposed wood and live edge inventory, we also sell it “as is” to homeowners, builders and other contractors. Contact us and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.


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